Why you should use nodejs, Advantages, Explanations

Even though we have started the node learning, but still the question remain, why node? so let me tell you the right way to know why we need to learn node or why it is beneficial for frontend development. Right from official website’s documentation we will know. https://nodejs.org/en/ it says “Node.jsĀ® is a JavaScript runtime […]

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Getting started with NodeJS

Well, if you are android developer or UI developer no matter , it is always good to learn new technologies which are related to mobile development or which are responsible for changing future of app development. So, here it comes the nodejs, it is javascript based custom server with vast features and extensions and plugins. […]

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Android lets get started

Android is an open source and Linux dominant operating system. Android learning is booming the smartphone industry. Android is easy, secure,fast and multiple language supported system. you can create your apps by learning many language not just the one. for example android have support for two types of apps 1. NATIVE APPS 2. HYBRID APPS […]

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